Month: August 2017

Family First angry people might be allowed to choose what gender’s on their birth certificate


NewsHub 19 August 2017 Family First says letting people to choose the gender on their birth certificates will make them meaningless. The Government Administration Committee has recommended Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne changes the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act to…


Most ‘sex workers’ are modern-day slaves

prostitute 2

The Spectator 19 August 2017 Family First Comment: Dead right! “One of the most disturbing discoveries I made was that the loudest voices calling for legalisation and normalisation of prostitution are the people who profit from it: pimps, punters and brothel…


Government committee: let people choose gender

Baby Expressions

Stuff 18 August 2017 A transgender boy is among those celebrating a win for people whose gender does not align with the sex they were assigned at birth. A Government committee has ruled on the side of gender diversity, saying…


National voters, wider public back cannabis law reform: poll

MARIJUANA Teen smoking

NZ Herald 19 August 2017 Family First Comment: The Drug Foundation continues to push the smoke-screen of ‘medicinal’ and ‘decriminalise’ in order to legalise drugs in NZ. But who wants dope growers and dealers next door to your family home?…


MPs Want Birth Certificates Based on Feelings, Not Biology

birth certificate

Media Release 19 Aug 2017 Family First NZ says that politicians have deemed birth certificates meaningless as a result of a decision by the Government Administration select committee to recommend that birth certificates be based on the choice of the…


DISTURBING: Iceland close to becoming first country where no Down’s Syndrome children are born

down syndrome baby

Independent 16 August 2017 Family First Comment: How disturbing! It’s not that “no Down’s Syndrome children are born”. It’s that “all Down’s Syndrome children are being killed”. Eugenics – plain and simple. #chooselife On average, just one or two children…


Weekly bullying reported by 42% of students at some schools

bullying 1

Radio NZ News 15 August 2017 Nearly half the children at some primary schools report being bullied at least once a week, a national survey has found. The Education Ministry’s Wellbeing at School survey found the incidence of weekly bullying…


Dope Use Warrants Both Criminal & Health Approach

stoned man

Media Release 17 August 2017 Family First NZ says that Ministry of Justice statistics debunk concerns expressed by Labour leader Jacinda Ardern, and claims by supporters of marijuana, that hundreds of people are being locked up for petty drug offences…


Little evidence shows cannabis helps chronic pain or PTSD

marijuana - drug warriors

Reuters 15 August 2017 Family First Comment: Lifting the smoke-screen…. “Between 45 and 85 percent of people seeking medical marijuana in the U.S. do so for pain management, according to the researchers. But when they examined 27 previously published studies…


Grandmother guilty of child abuse murder

child abuse - grandmother Kathleen Cooper

Grandmother Kathleen Cooper found guilty of murdering grandson Stuff 15 August 2017 Family First Comment: How can a grandmother commit this sort of crime?! “Auckland grandmother Kathleen Cooper killed her grandson by throwing him down a hallway.” #drugabuse #familybreakdown…