HRC gets it right for once

Bullied kids’ parents left in dark, says watchdog
NZ Herald Apr 14, 2011

Schools do not have to tell parents if their child has been a victim of bullying – something the Human Rights Commission wants changed. Chief Commissioner Rosslyn Noonan has criticised the idea that Ministry of Education guidelines indicate schools are not required to pass such information on to parents. But a school is required to notify the parents of the bullies. In an article by Ms Noonan in today’s Herald, she says the commission has received many complaints from parents of bullying victims. In several cases parents said the situation was even more disheartening given that their child’s school had failed to let them know of the situation. “The commission’s analysis of school bullying revealed a fundamental gap in natural justice,” she said.

Perhaps while the Human Rights Commission is using some common sense, they could also sort the parental notification laws as well!


1 comment for “HRC gets it right for once

  1. Hercule Martine
    14 April 2011 at 2:02 am

    Dear Sir,
    I’m in my early 60s, and recall my New Zealand schooldays vividly. Every lad was involved in some way at some time in a bit of a dust-up. You got your lights punched out, so what? You punched the other bloke right back in the hooter. No chap lay down and cried for mercy, except the pansies, and then the prefects perhaps weighed in and broke it up. End of story.
    Now we have lads bawling their eyes out just because of name-calling and “text” bullying. What a bunch of wimps!
    Why are we allowing such an issue to be made of something that’s just a traditional part of school life? Children can be cruel, we all know that, but they go on to mature and schoolday miseries become distant memories.

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