“Tough love” Australian Budget targets teen mums

From the Herald Sun in Australia

TEENAGE mums’ welfare payments will be suspended six months after the birth if they do not follow Centrelink orders under Julia Gillard’s “tough love” Budget. Once their child reaches 12 months, teenage parents must attend school to finish year 12. If they skip class, they will lose their parenting payment of up to $625.90 a fortnight. The Prime Minister will announce 10 pilot schemes to start on January 1. Ms Gillard is concerned that teenage parents, who typically have poor education and drop out of school, spend their whole life on welfare and, in many cases, their children follow the same path.

This is a great move as long as the mum still has quality time to bond with the child.

In NZ, a third of solo parents on the DPB started some form of welfare as a teenager. Long term welfare is harmful to kids and means that the family is far more likely to live below the poverty line.