Mum – I regret giving surrogate baby up

A warning for NZ lawmakers as they approach this subject in the near future

AS Queensland’s first child born under the state’s surrogacy laws, Connor Harris’s arrival was a moment of unbridled happiness for proud parents Bentley and Matt Harris. For his biological mother “Rosie” (not her real name), there has been nothing but heartache and regret since that historic day last May 11 when she gave him up. “As soon as the baby was born it all changed,” the married friend of the couple said. “I was crying in hospital when he was having his first bath, I couldn’t watch, I thought what the hell have I done? “I never thought having a child and giving him away would make me feel like this. “I regret everything, I don’t regret Connor, I regret the decision very much, I just wish I’d never done it.”

…Queensland MPs voted 45 to 36 to support surrogacy a highly controversial topic and allow the legal parentage of the child to be transferred from the birth mother to the intending parents. The Surrogacy Act 2010 was passed by State Parliament on 11 February 2010 with the Act coming into place on 1 June. This made it legal for altruistic surrogacy arrangements, or non-commercial arrangements, to be made in Queensland.

UPDATE: Mothers, parents urged to get help as heartache reveals dark side to surrogacy
Courier-Mail May 11 2011 A mother’s torment at handing her biological baby over to a gay couple has highlighted the pitfalls of surrogacy without psychological counselling, experts say.


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  1. WestieBoy
    16 May 2011 at 10:08 pm

    Perhaps the real issue here is that we [for some unknown reason] in New Zealand allow homosexuals to adopt children when the choice to be a homosexual comes with the caveat that there will be no progeny.

    Given also that the choice to be a homosexual only occurs in MUCH less than 1% of the population (the figures have been repeatedly confirmed by studies done by the homosexual community) it makes the homosexual choosers very much a minority.

    Regardless of what the political prostitutes in government and their “advisors” would have us think, New Zealand is a Christian society built upon the foundation of THE Family.

    There is only one biological, inter-generational Family and it includes Mum, Dad, the Kids, the Grandparents and all the Aunts, Uncles and cousins too.

    THE Family leaves no room for homosexuals and “sole” parents (it takes a man and a woman to make a baby; just as it takes a Mum and a Dad to raise a child) because they destroy this otherwise solid foundation to our society.

    With that destruction comes increased teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, suicide, youth crime et al.

    Surrogacy is just another way to try and escape the stigma of choosing to be homosexual and, by doing so, choosing a life without the joy children bring to THE Family.

    Your choice. Grow a spine and live with the consequence of your CHOICE.

    Stop wrecking our society and dragging the rest of us into your filthy ditch.

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