Eating my words!

I said that the NZ Herald wouldn’t print my letter to the editor about Tapu Misa’s latest column because they ‘protect their own’, and based on the fact that every Op-ed I have written to challenge their editorials or columnists has been ignored.

I’m happy to admit that on this one, I was wrong! It was printed today.

Tapu Misa was brave to admit that she was a board member of the BSA for the past decade. During her tenure, standards have progressively dropped, complaints have not been upheld, and a poll in 2010 found that 2 out of 3 NZ’ers were concerned at the level of violence, sexual content and foul language during family viewing times. In fact, NZ Herald Media Writer John Drinnan said in January “Jokes about incest, drugs, paedophiles and porn. Welcome to early-evening television where struggling TV networks play adult shows and boost ratings.” The BSA is not the watchdog it should be and families desperately want. It has been the family pet poodle rolling over for a tummy tickle