Family First Midweek Update (24 May) – hot off the press!

1.Call for Minister of Children Well-Intentioned but Flawed
Media Release 22 May 2011
Family First NZ is rejecting Labour’s call for a Minister for Children saying that the concept is well-intended but flawed because it fails to recognize the essential and fundamental role of parents. Family First is calling for a Minister for Families to replace the Families and Children’s Commissions. “Governments have tinkered with Families Commissions and a Children’s Commissioner, both which have been unable to, or have failed to, fully represent the concerns and needs of families,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “Labour’s call fails to acknowledge that families and children are not mutually exclusive. The best way to support children is to make sure that the families raising them are strong, stable, and supported. Children’s interests are best served in the context of their own family. Government support for children must be through their families, not apart from families. Any office or structure which even appears to separate children from their parents and families will be counter-productive in the long run – that’s why the office of the Children’s Commissioner has never gained the traction or respect it has wanted.” READ MORE
NZCity 22 May 2011 Call for Ministry flawed 
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2.Trans-Tasman Effort to Host World Congress of Families 2013
Media Release 21 May 2011
The World Congress of Families VII will be held in Sydney on May 15-18, 2013. “The World Congress of Families is the ‘Olympics’ of the family movement and New Zealand will have an important involvement in co-hosting this event with Australian family organisations,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “WCF VII will be the first Congress in the Southern Hemisphere and the first in an English-speaking country.” The joint bid by Australia and New Zealand was approved by the World Congress of Families Selection Committee, and later endorsed by The Howard Center Board of Directors (parent organization of WCF). Bev Adair, spokesperson for Family First NZ (shown right with Bob McCoskrie at the announcement in Sydney last week), presented Australia/New Zealand’s bid. The theme of World Congress of Families VII is “Happy Families – Healthy Economy.”
Christian Today Australia Sydney wins “family olympics” bid  
3. Logic 101: Prisons Protect Families from Becoming Victims
Family First Comment:
In an incredibly naive statement by a senior politician, Bill English has said that prisons are a “moral and fiscal failure” and there are other ways of dealing with criminals and potential criminals. What are those ways? More home detention for violent criminals who commit property and other offences while on home detention? More community service which isn’t completed? More fines which aren’t paid? Does Mr English realise that:
* 1 in 4 offenders sentenced to home detention sneak off in breach of their conditions.
* Over half of the criminals placed on home detention in 2007 had convictions for sex crimes, violence, and drug offences.
* Between 1993 and 2005, approximately 130,000 criminals offended whilst on bail (which of course makes a mockery of statements that ‘prisons create criminals’. They’re in prison because they are already criminals!!)
* 80% of young people given community sentences of supervision reoffended (which once again makes a mockery of the ‘prison creates criminals’ statement.)
Countries that lock up more offenders have demonstrably lower crime rates. It ain’t rocket science.
We need to send Bill English a copy of Badlands. You can get your copy HERE . Read the facts for yourself and judge for yourself the folly of Mr English’s statement.
4.Labour party election hoarding offends families
Newstalk ZB 22/05/2011
A lobby group is telling the Labour Party to clean up its act after the party unveiled its latest election hoarding. Family First says a billboard reading ‘Privatisation is not a dirty word. Bullsh*t’ is inappropriate, and seen by all members of the public including young children. National director Bob McCoskrie says asterisks do not hide the words and intention of the billboard and parents will be either telling their children to look the other way or saying that only politicians talk like that. READ MORE
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5.Judith Collins backs action on secret teen abortions
Sunday Star Times 22/05/2011
Police Minister Judith Collins has pledged to support a call for laws to prevent girls under 16 having abortions without their parents being told. …While in opposition in 2004, Collins proposed the Care of Children Act be amended to make parental notification mandatory for girls under 16. The act allows a female of any age to consent to an abortion. Collins proposed that if a girl objected to parental notification, a doctor would contact the district court to arrange an appointment for the girl to see a judge in chambers within 24 hours. Finance Minister Bill English supported the amendment. “If a school doctor wants to give a pupil a Panadol, they have to tell parents … It is time to swing the pendulum back in favour of parents,” he said then. “Where there are significant events affecting children, and real risks to their welfare, parents should be involved. The idea that the law allows your 12 to 14-year-old daughter to have an abortion on her own and go back to school is repugnant.” READ MORE
On the negative side….
Deborah Coddington Herald on Sunday No teen should be forced to have a baby these days
Family First Comment: According to Coddington, it’s only babies that are going to be abused that are aborted. Wrong! The question for Deborah is – when does an unborn child gain human rights? 20 weeks? 30 weeks? In the birthing room? Still, nothing surprises us from Deborah’s rants. During the Referendum on smacking, she said of people that supported the Referendum “Scratch their skins and would we find, lurking below, a secret desire to bring back the legal right to rape their spouses.” Thank goodness Deborah Coddington is a failed politician and Judith Collins is still a very good one 🙂
Sunday Star Times Teens’ privacy always comes first, say counsellors
Under fire for keeping abortions secret from parents, school counsellors say confidentiality has to come first. 
Family First Comment: Ironically, the spokesperson then gives examples where confidentiality doesn’t come first!!
NZ Herald Abortion law heartbreaking for parentsGarth George
One of the most evil manifestations of the abortion industry and the “health” system is their ability to have abortions performed on schoolgirls without the knowledge or consent of the child’s parents. 
Waikato Times ‘I wish I had told my parents’ 
A Hamilton mother-of-two who as a teenager had a secret abortion with the help of her school, says she wishes now her parents were informed.
Bay of Plenty Times Secret abortion sparks intense debate
6.Modern life has made children weaker in the last decade
Telegraph (UK) 22 May 2011
A shift away from traditional activities like climbing trees, ropes and wall bars has made modern 10-year-olds physically weaker than their counterparts a decade ago. The findings, published in the child health journal Acta Paediatrica, have led to fresh concern about the impact on children’s health caused by the shift away from outdoor activities. READ MORE  
7.Portuguese girl dies of septic shock following RU-486 abortion
Lifesite News Fri May 20, 2011
A Portuguese girl who underwent an RU-486 medical abortion died of a severe infection of a type that has previously been linked to use of the drug regimen, the country’s government has said. ..The circumstances of the girl’s death are similar to those surrounding the deaths of two U.S. women, as revealed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year. A recent Australian study has found evidence that such chemical abortions have a far higher rate of serious complications than surgical abortion. READ MORE
8.The illusion of limiting legalized euthanasia
By Derek Miedema, Researcher, Institute of Marriage and Family Canada
So-called safeguards to limit the practice of legalized euthanasia don’t work, a recent paper suggests. According to a recent article published in Current Oncology by Dr. José Pereira, Medical Chief of Palliative Care at Bruyère Continuing Care in Ottawa, safeguards are routinely ignored and/or abused. His review of the non-prosecuted violations of safeguards in the Netherlands, Belgium and the state of Oregon show that including safeguards in assisted suicide legislation is little more than drawing lines in the sand. READ MORE 
9.Our suggestion for the ‘Wellywood’ sign 🙂