Profit motive behind Hilton porn ban – expert

congratulated3News 19 August 2015
Conservative lobby groups have congratulated hotel operator Hilton following its decision to stop letting guests watch porn, but could it just be all about the money?

That’s the opinion of travel writer Anne van Dyke, who says it could just be a simple case of economics.

She suggests the move could be part of an appeal to the lucrative female demographic.

“They are a huge part of the profit-making machine in the hotel industry, and if you come out and say you’re not affiliated with porn anymore, I think that’s something that many females would be impressed with,” she told RadioLIVE this morning.

Hilton says adult channels aren’t in keeping with its vision or goals. Bob McCoskrie, head of conservative religious group Family First yesterday said he has been lobbying for a hotel porn ban since he heard about a case where an eight-year-old accidentally came across some.

But Ms van Dyke also thinks Hilton might just be cutting its losses.

“Just like blue movies, movie theatres will close down because of the handheld devices that travellers have. No pun meant there, but maybe it’s not profitable for them anymore.”

Travelling porn fans who have trips booked in the next year need not worry however – Hilton’s ban doesn’t come into place until July 2016.–expert-2015081910#axzz3jOYEHrnQ