Drinking age – Will the politicians listen????

At risk of repeating myself (!!)

More support for raising the drinking age – not just the purchasing age

An overwhelming majority of people support raising the legal purchase age for alcohol to 20 for bars and liquor shops, including supermarkets, according to the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey. …When asked by the pollsters to choose between three options for the minimum age to buy alcohol, 58.6 per cent preferred 20, which was the age before a law change in 1999. Only 14.5 per cent wanted the status quo of 18, while 25.7 per cent wanted a split age.

So to summarise:
Garth George
Kings College Board Chairman
Online NZ Herald poll showing 72% support for their call to raise the drinking age to 21 – over 10,000 people voting on the NZ Herald poll,
ONE News/Colmar Brunton poll (71% – 2004),
Police Association poll (75% – 2009),
Research NZ poll (almost 75% – 2009),
Oct 09 poll showing 75%
An online poll in the Dominion Post late last year showing 77% of New Zealanders wanting the legal drinking age put back to at least 20.
Of most significance was the Christchurch Press poll which found majority support for raising the drinking age from those aged under 30.

The government should ditch their split-age proposal as it will confuse the issue, and fails to deal with the underlying problems of exposing young people to alcohol, as evidenced in the latest medical and bioscience research. We should raise the DRINKING AGE, not just the purchasing age.

The evidence is in. The people have spoken. The real question now is whether the government will listen to NZ’ers on this issue or capitulate to the pressure from the alcohol lobby.


3 comments for “Drinking age – Will the politicians listen????

  1. Ruth
    5 July 2011 at 1:28 am

    Bob, drunkenness is a sin, BUT NOT ONE WITH CIVIL SANCTIONS.

    Those under 20 years of age (“children”) are under their parents’ jurisdiction. Any damage done to or by those children because of alcohol, is the parents’ responsibility.

    In adulthood, drunkards who commit actual definable crimes should be dealt with appropriately.

  2. Edward A Young
    12 December 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Hello Bob,
    When will Politicians ever Listen to the Public when it comes to Raising the Drinking age,, Same goes for Raising the Driving Licenses age as well,

    Not Ever that I am aware of, Ok. It isn’t until. One of Their own gets killed by some Drunken Driver that they kick up a He stink about Underage drinking and driving and Then they just Might get something done by passing a law,

    BUT, Until Then, We are just beating ourselves up against a brick wall,

    So, In answer to your Question, NO, Politicians will NOT Listen to those who voted them into the Swill Trough.
    Reason is, They really Do NOT give a dam about anyone except them selves,

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