The adoption option

Thomas Barnardo would be proud

From the Mail Online in the UK

Women who are pregnant with unwanted babies should be advised to have the child and give it away for adoption, the Government’s new adoption czar said today. They should be offered adoption as a routine ‘third option’ alongside abortion or struggling to raise the baby themselves, he said.

The call from former Barnardo’s chief Martin Narey will pile fresh pressure on social workers to end three decades of hostility to adoption as a means of finding homes for children with troubled mothers. Coalition ministers have already tried to free the way for thousands of children to find permanent new families by ordering social workers and their managers to scrap race rules that have stopped white couples from adopting black children, and barred people in their 40s and older from adoption. Mr Narey’s plan would mean a return to the practices of the 1970s, when mothers who could not keep their children regularly offered them for adoption.


2 comments for “The adoption option

  1. vera boyd
    5 July 2011 at 1:16 pm

    It would be great to see the adoption laws freed up. At the moment children who are not able to be brought up by their own families live in a world devided between their birth parents and foster parents. It is very hard on all parties

  2. Stephen J.H.
    8 July 2011 at 1:59 am

    I absolutely agree Vera, it would be great for adoption laws to be freed up. It would great if any organisation wanting to greatly help women with unwanted pregnancies put as much effort into the adoption option as they do the abortion option, and that includes the Government, which pays for them. The evidence continues to emerge about the damage done by abortion. I think we really all knew already, but for those who had free access to abortion on their agendas, they couldn’t admit it — and still don’t for that reason.

    Let’s be honest about this. Pregnancy always puts exceedingly greater demands on the woman than the man. I think we have to recognise this as a whole society to move forward, and to pour unlimited TLC on women unexpectedly pregnant. …And the ‘other side’ needs to be honest and admit that this greater demand put on women is not ‘wiped away’ by abortion, …so adoption is a loving option.

    Better still, change your precious plans, have a child in your life and have a great life, have it all.

    …But I’m just a male, what would I know? When my girlfriend became pregnant, at age 20, I put away my plans, my hopes and ambitions, and eventually became a great father. It ‘cost’ her too, of course, but my son’s mother became a university lecturer in later years.
    Me, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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