Why a healthy marriage is good for the heart

From the Telegraph in the UK (and reported on many other worldwide websites)

Researchers from the University of Rochester in America found that 83 per cent of happily married women who had heart bypass operations lived on for another 15 years, compared with just 28 per cent in unhappy unions and 27 per cent of unmarried women. For happy husbands the survival rate was also 83 per cent, but even those who were not content with their marriage stood a 60 per cent chance of survival, compared with just 36 per cent who were unmarried.

Prof Kathleen King, who led the research, said that having a supportive husband and wife encouraged people to live a healthier lifestyle, for example by taking more exercise or giving up smoking. Being in a healthy marriage also motivates patients to take care of themselves after surgery because they have a reason to “stick around”, she said. Prof Harry Reis, who co-authored the study in the Health Psychology journal, said a happy marriage was “every bit as important to survival after bypass surgery as more traditional risk factors like tobacco use, obesity, and high blood pressure.”

Add that to the growing list of WHY MARRIAGE MATTERS