Same-sex marriage hurts kids

The gay marriage debate is being stoked by the Greens throughout Australia. Here’s a superb article written by Dr David van Gend who is a Toowoomba GP and a committee member of the Family Council of Queensland

Gays are not second-class citizens but a gay man certainly makes a second-class mother. Two lesbian women may be model citizens, but neither of them can be a dad to a little boy. The most serious objection to gay marriage is that it means gay parenting, and gay parenting means depriving a child of either his mother or his father. The gay marriage debate, at its heart, is not about the rights and needs of the adults, but of the child



2 comments for “Same-sex marriage hurts kids

  1. 23 November 2010 at 11:42 pm

    We must refer to these people by what they are: homosexuals. Sodomites. Lesbians. Their lifestyles are perverse and against both the Laws of God and of His Created order. They are to be pitied and helped out of their bondage rather than talked of in such glowing terms as this article does.

  2. Mark Hofsteede
    24 November 2010 at 6:18 pm

    Before these people were gay, they were homosexuals, and they remain homosexuals. They may have reinvented themselves,but its just repackaging. There is very little ,if anything that is gay about being a homosexual and your use of the term ‘gay” . just plays into their hands.

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