Businesses Run A Mile From TVNZ Porn Show

Media Release 29 August 2018
Almost 30 businesses have boycotted TV2’s “Naked Attraction” after being contacted by families, leaving TVNZ to fill the advertising slots with free promotional material for their own programmes.

Many of the companies had their adverts placed during the programme without their express consent, including the Auckland City Mission.

“This objectionable programme has become a financial disaster for TVNZ – and this will greatly influence whether they broadcast future seasons of “Naked Attraction“,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

Companies which have withdrawn their advertising after being contacted by families include:

New World – Electrolux – Lighting Direct – Carpet Court – Kitchen Things – Pak’n’Save – Warehouse Stationery – KFC – House Of Travel – Heineken – – Monteiths – Supercheap Autos – Auckland City Mission – Strepsils Plus – The Warehouse – Fonterra – Lotto – Emirates – Rebel Sport – Wondermins – Beds R Us – Haval Motors – Lemsip – Finish – Subway – 2 Degrees

The BSA in their decision admitted that the programme went “a step further than where broadcasters have trodden before…” and that “Each programme was visually explicit to a level not in our experience seen on New Zealand free-to-air television before. Verbal discussions and descriptions were also explicit…”

They also admitted that “Some viewers may have found the more detailed descriptions of sexual preferences and activity by the participants unduly confronting.” Yet they approved its broadcast.

Unlike the Broadcasting Standards Authority, many businesses are agreeing with families that this programme is completely unacceptable. This is what happens when families speak up. It also highlights that the current BSA should be completely restructured as it is no longer fit for purpose and can no longer be relied upon to enforce appropriate community standards.”