BSA says ‘pervasive’ sex and nudity on screen impacting kids

NZ Herald 24 July 2019
Family First Comment: And to think they needed to pay for research to figure this out! 🙄

The amount of sex and nudity on our screens has been labelled as ‘pervasive’ by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) who have cautioned that it may be having a harmful effect on children.

Their findings come at the conclusion of a literature review that looked at local and international studies on the impact of onscreen sex and nudity on young people.

They found that a large number of studies concluded that exposure to this adult-orientated material was having an impact on the attitudes and behaviours of kids.

Some of the findings are alarming. They concluded that exposure to sexual media can affect “attitudes to sexual behaviour,” and can also negatively impact their views on an “appropriate body image”. These in turn led to risky behaviours around sex, such as more frequent casual sex and having sex earlier.

The BSA also found that exposure to pornographic images had a negative effect on children and that exposure to sexual media had a normalising effect, shaping attitudes and perceptions of “sexual reality”.

Another key finding was the role culture played. The BSA learned that children of different cultures were impacted differently and were influenced in their attitudes and behaviours to sex and nudity by role models on TV and other media who were similar in gender and ethnicity.

Majority of Kiwis think ‘adults only’ time band on TV should be pushed later, research finds
TVNZ One News 24 July 2019
The majority of Kiwis feel the ‘adults only’ time band on TV should be pushed later, from a start time of 8.30pm to 9.30pm, new research released today by the Broadcasting Standards Authority has revealed.

In a survey of 500 adults, many also expressed concerns inappropriate nudity on screen could cause children to copy negative behaviour. It also found nudity was more accepted if it was depicted in a positive manner.

Broadcasting Standards Authority CEO Belinda Moffit said the Authority discovered that context was important in adults’ acceptance of nudity on TV screens.

“I think what that research also told us is that acceptability of nudity on screen in some contexts is increasing, but the acceptability of, I guess what we might call sexual media content, is still very much context-dependent and it’s very much dependent on whether there’s good classifications that are being given, whether there’s good warnings, and the information that’s been given about the programme, too,” she told TVNZ1’s Breakfast this morning.

Ms Mofit said there’s very limited research about nudity on television.

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1 comment for “BSA says ‘pervasive’ sex and nudity on screen impacting kids

  1. Michael Schoombie
    26 July 2019 at 9:17 pm

    I do not hold with porn in any shape or for form. Unfortunately we live in a fallen world and men and women seem to enjoy this rubbish. Children should NOT be exposed to any of this at least until they can make an adult informed decision. Unfortunately though sex education in schools and exposure to porn on social media children are being robbed of being able to enjoy there innocence.

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