Children of divorcees ‘more likely to have strokes’

From the Telegraph (UK)

Children whose parents divorced are more than twice as likely to suffer strokes as adults, according to research. The finding is from a life-long survey of over 13,000 people, of whom 10.4 per cent had experienced parental divorce during childhood. Esme Fuller-Thomson and colleagues at the University of Toronto carried out the analysis, which found that the children of divorced parents were 2.2 times more likely to have had a stroke. She said: “We were very surprised that the association between parental divorce and stroke remained so strong even after we had adjusted for smoking, obesity, exercise and alcohol consumption.”


We try to persuade ourselves that adults move on and children are resilient after divorce or separation – but the research suggests that divorce has ongoing implications for the wellbeing of both the adults and the children. We should do much more to promote and strengthen marriages.