Fathers not Needed Inc.

It’s all about the wants of adults – not the needs of children

NZ Herald 21 January 2012
A heavy demand for sperm by growing numbers of single women and lesbian couples has pushed a nationwide fertility clinic to begin a recruitment drive described as groovy, quirky … and a little bit controversial. The New Zealand Fertility Associates’ cheeky posters tell prospective donors: “Give it a shot”, “Come one, come all” and “Make it count”. Medical director Dr Mary Birdsall said the campaign sprang from a nationwide “really serious” sperm shortage, with some women having to wait more than a year. It also marked a change that has swapped heterosexual couples hampered by male infertility for lesbian couples and single women who weren’t prepared to wait for Mr Right to have babies as the biggest clients, accounting for about 90 per cent of the bank’s waiting list.

…..Donors could place some restrictions on who they would like their donation to go to, but could not give sperm without accepting their child would be able to eventually learn their identity when they became legally old enough to apply for donation records.


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  1. bob
    21 January 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Funny how Bill ‘Budget Cut’ English and John Key don’t seem to get around to eliminating taxpayer subsidies for IVF treatment huh? Hard to see any justification for every taxpayer funding something as morally dodgy as IVF…

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