Dom Post’s ‘sales pitch’ of prostitution!

The Dominion Post did a ‘sales pitch’ for the decriminalisation of prostitution yesterday (Saturday) “Sex, conditions safer but prostitute stigma remains”

95% of the article said how good the law was, quoting people benefitting financially. Only 5% mentioned the possibility of opposition – and of course, unjustified opposition at that.

But the fact of the matter is that the public have resoundingly rejected the law change forced upon communities by an arrogant parliament – and the politicians are struggling to admit they’re wrong, despite repeated attempts to fix it and concerns being expressed by NZ’ers.

What the Dom Post didn’t mention is that 2 out of 3 NZ’ers want the law changed to ban residential brothels which has caused huge angst for communities around NZ. And what the Dom Post also didn’t mention is that half of us want street prositution banned – only 1 in 3 support the existing law (17% unsure). Interestingly, the greatest opposition to street prostitution is from the younger generation (18-30 y/olds).

There’s a healthy stigma against prostitution. Long may it remain. Perhaps the politicians just might put families, communities, and prostitutes first and amend the law to prosecute the buyer. What child goes through school with the career goal of being a prostitute?