Human trafficking here – and will get worse

As if we needed any further proof that human trafficking is already happening in NZ (despite the ‘head in the sand’ approach by Immigration officials and politicians) it’s now predicted to get far worse when the rugby world cup occurs

Sex trade to boom as Cup fans arrive
Herald on Sunday 29 Nov 2010
 Brothel owners are predicting booming business during the World Cup as thousands of fans look to score off the field. And that demand is likely to fuel an influx of overseas prostitutes who will try to work here illegally. An estimated 85,000 rugby fans are expected to come to New Zealand for the event next year. Immigration authorities say they will be on alert for prostitutes during the lead-up to the tournament. A brothel owner told the Herald on Sunday he expected dozens, and potentially hundreds, of overseas prostitutes to flood New Zealand. Illegal sex workers were a major problem already, he said. They were exploited and lived in appalling conditions.