Smacking survey shows parents ignore law – TVNZ Breakfast

ONE News Breakfast 2 April 2012
Family First says a new survey shows parents are flouting the so-called anti-smacking law.
A new survey reveals many parents are ignoring the so-called ‘anti-smacking law’ despite the threat of prosecution. The Section 59 Crimes Act Repeal Bill in 2009 – commonly known as the anti-smacking bill – is once again under fire following an independent poll of 500 parents of younger children. The survey, commissioned by Family First NZ, shows 56% of parents said they have smacked their child or children since the law change. And 66% of parents said they would smack their child in future. Family First director Bob McCoskrie said politicians have criminalised an act of parenting. “The politicians are out of step with the basic art of parenting. And that is that sometimes a smack works and parents will continue to use it,” he told TV ONE’s Breakfast. “I think if you have a law that is being flouted by so many people, and especially when it is a serious law like this which can result in major consequences, I mean you can have CYF turn up on your door, you can have police investigations, and yet parents are willing to risk that because they want to raise good law abiding citizens, then that’s a problem.”


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  1. hannah johnson
    17 April 2012 at 7:48 am

    our names are brian an hannah johnson and we would like to know how to handle our stand for smacking we have been christians for 28yrs and realized that Gods way on discipline has worked for us with our children and mokos the rod ov correction plus the odd bottom smack we are seeking support and advice and help! cyfs declined us ov been caregivers ov our granddaughter even tho we were approved caregivers 12yrs ago plus i have no crimnal or violent record drug free alcohol nicatine free brian has been clean aswell for 28yrs nno violence aswell they cyfs intrusted us with our neice who was 13months but now is 13yrs and must i add she is a happy and loving girl we also have our 8yr old grandson who weve had since he was 3months when we were being assessed cyfs asked him in an interview what are the things you dont like he replyed smacking and vegetables our decline was based on our stand for Gods way and our Grandsons confession please help us we have tryed all sorts ov ways hear our cry!what have we done wrong its an injustice against us thank you the Godly Smackers

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