Is Obama dictating NZ’s social agenda?

Before the election, John Key had no position on gay marriage. It was something he had to “think through”

LISTEN (NZ Forum on the Family, July 2011)

This week, when the US president said he supported same-sex marriage, suddenly, John Key did too.

What changed?


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  1. Will
    10 May 2012 at 8:41 pm

    I think the liberal NZ media pressured him… particularly the NZ Herald.

  2. David
    14 May 2012 at 11:38 pm

    I am amazed that everyone in politics have just in the last year have “discovered” gay marriage. If you have had asked the same group a few years ago – they would have said it was ridiculous.

    Now they have all discovered it at the same time.

    What changed. They are all scarred of the media giving them publicity.

    This issue is media driven and the media is mostly supportive of gays.

  3. 15 May 2012 at 12:25 am

    Perhaps Key’s like Obama has “consulted his children” or it suddenly just seems right to Him and His wife to redefine the institution of Marriage.

    Wasn’t it God who made a Woman for Adam and first said that a man should leave his parents and live with his Wife and what God has joined (Defined) let no man divide ? Gen 2-19-24

    At the end of the day this redefining is all about a raft of other rights, issues and responsibilities.

    1) Matrimonial Property rights
    2) The right to Adopt, protect and care for children
    (Pedophiles will love this right)
    3) The right for sick leave,
    4) The right of maternity/Paternity leave
    5) Sickness benefits
    6) Pensions
    7) The right of artificial insemination paid for by the tax payer.

    Should politicians have the right to redefine marriage just solicit more party donations and Votes from the Gay and Lesbian Communities at the expense of everyone else in society ? (particularly children)

  4. David
    15 May 2012 at 12:37 am

    If he changed his mind after he “consulted his children”, it is not a way to run a country. I hope he does not consult his children on other significant policy issues (eg trade with china, taxation, veterans issues etc).

    I suspect he really consulted his party strategists actually and they advised him that he needed to bolster his campaign funds. That is why a day or two later at a fundraiser at the actor George Cluny’s fundraising dinner they put $15million for donations to the Obama reelection campaign.

  5. Victor
    15 May 2012 at 2:37 am

    I have noticed the trend in New Zealand and that is as soon as a new position is taken on board by the US, not longe after very similar changes take place in NZ.
    There are a couple of recent and obvious Obama initiated changes that have been implimented in NZ by Key but, this is nothing new and appears to be trend that Key has embraced and will continue to do so as a One World Government steam roles ahead.

    The US announces drone usage over its cities and now Australia and possibly NZ will be using this technology some time soon. Justlooking at Key’s short term in govt and one can see the changes in Govt policy that have a direct link to US policies.

    If one takes a look at the Lisban treaty you will see the extreme measures that this piece of anti democratic, one world government push has in stall for us.

    Extreme you may think. Well if you understand that right now in history there is a world food shortage, a major financial melt down that has occured and will shortly topple entire countries as the true extend of the debt comes unstuck. JP Morgan has just lost $2b which i believe is indicative of what is about to take place on a global scale.

    All i can say is that i believe things are going to get a lot worse in NZ and accross the globe as the second wave of financial crashes compound. It’s not a recession but a depression and always was.

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