Stay at home for pimping teens

According to the Christchurch Press, six months at home is the so-called punishment for pimping a 16 year old and a 17 year old homestay student. What a sad state of affairs. And the politicians will argue that the law is working!! We should be prosecuting the buyer and drying up the demand.

A Christchurch brothel madam has been sentenced to six months home detention and 200 hours community work on charges she received payments from under-age sex workers. Anna Anastazja Horlor, 59, who operated four Christchurch brothels employing 80 workers, was sentenced today by Judge David Saunders in the Christchurch District Court. The charges related to Horlor employing in 2007 two teenagers as strippers at the Atami Bathhouse in Tuam Street, Christchurch. She was originally charged with sex slavery under a new charge in the Crimes Act.

One of the girls, aged 16, was a former Manchester Street sex worker, who stripped at the club on eight occasions in performances which contained sex acts with various devices and audience participation. The troubled girl’s mother attended one of the club’s performances and was horrified.

The other employee was a Japanese homestay student aged 17 who claimed to Horlor she was 18 but was unable to produce her passport. Horlor made no further inquiries. The girl started work as a stripper and within weeks was working as a prostitute servicing up to 14 clients a night.