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Super brothel court battle inevitable
Auckland Now 1 June 2012
The council is being advised to pass on decision making responsibilities about a controversial inner city “super brothel” to the Environment Court, rather than go through the usual hearings process, with a decision to be made at a meeting this morning. John and Michael Chow plan to build a 15-storey development called the Penthouse Club, which would include a brothel and entertainment facilities, on Victoria St, opposite SkyCity. It would be built on the 552 square metre site of the former Palace Hotel, a Victorian-era heritage building which crumbled during refurbishments under the Chows’ care in 2010. Submissions on the controversial development closed on May 10, attracting 218 in opposition, and only one offering conditional support for the brothel. On May 11, the Chow brothers’ lawyer lodged a request for the matter to go directly to the Environment Court. This would mean 59 submitters who had specifically requested to appear before a council hearing would instead have to present their case before the court.