Well said John Roughan

Gay adoption a step too far
NZ Herald 2 June 2012
It’s children, not parents – straight or homosexual – who are important. Gay adoption has always seemed to me to be a step too far. Marriage, sure. A couple’s genuine commitment is worthy of legal recognition. But adoption puts a child in the front line of a social challenge. I’m not sure that is fair.

It is not clear what sort of parentage was envisaged when the National Party’s northern conference voted last weekend for gay couples in a civil union to be legally entitled to adopt, or precisely what is in a bill that Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye says she has been working on with the Greens’ Kevin Hague.

It might go no further than to let a woman be a legal parent of a child born to her partner, which would be a fine thing to do. But in the name of gender equality it probably would allow a male couple to be legal parents too.


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  1. margaret
    1 June 2012 at 11:30 pm

    The proverbial horse has bolted…… eg
    Elton John and partner have a child – it is not known which of the two provided the sperm. The egg was donated, fertilised and implanted in a surrogate mother…..
    I imagine both female “contributors” would have relinquished any further association with “their
    With adoption, the birth mother had a “cooling down” period before the adoption is finalised….
    I could go on with other scenario but ………..
    The legal fraternity must be either rubbing their hands or scratching their heads at what is coming down the track…..
    I am almost reluctant to click ‘post comment” but!!! can someone help me out here……

  2. David Favel
    2 June 2012 at 12:36 am

    I believe the mainstream has experienced a paradigm shift on this issue.
    It has been compared to the civil rights issues of the 60’s. (And look back at the pics of those protests and play spot the bigoted red-necks)
    Quite simply, what will happen if gays are allowed to adopt?
    The sky is not going to fall.
    Margaret, I think your comments about lawyers are spot on, but as we have seen in the States, even hetero couples are experiencing what you have described.
    And do not EVER be afraid to voice your opinion. Your opinion is valued.

  3. Chuck Bird
    3 June 2012 at 1:30 pm

    “The sky is not going to fall.”

    Maybe not but the cumulative effect of undermining marriage and the family over the last 40 years have had a disastrous effect on society.

    If the liberals get away with this it will be a very short time before they have a new demand.

    Has anyone read, “After the Ball” by psychologist Kirk and ad man Madsen?

  4. B Wheeler
    5 June 2012 at 3:48 pm

    This whole topic is the outcome of s sick society which appears to have lost all moral sence and responsibility. A loving family of husband and wife is the only secure way to raise children.

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