Junior gamblers battle addiction, shows major study (Aust)

Herald Sun 26 June 2012
Children as young as 10 are battling serious gambling problems, a major study has revealed.


A concerning number of children are addicted to gambling, including betting on football games. Picture: Getty Images Source: Herald Sun


And they have few difficulties side-stepping the law.

The first national study of the gambling habits of Australia’s youth has found a tenth of kids aged 10-14 fit definitions of “at-risk” or “problem” gamblers.

And a third have adults willing to place bets on their behalf.

Anti-gambling campaigner the reverend Tim Costello said “every parent should be very concerned” by the report, released by the Australian Council for Educational Research.

“Essentially the long arms of the gambling industry reach into our youth,” Mr Costello said.

“It softens them up, even when they are children, because they always need a new generation (of addicts).”

The study, based on surveys with 5600 Australians aged 10-24, found widespread experimentation with gambling.


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  1. Rhona
    13 July 2012 at 12:12 am

    And yet, our wonderful, all-wise government is cuddling up to Sky City casinos in return for a convention centre, despite the fact that problem gambling is a recognised (DSM IV) form of addiction and mental illness…

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