Why the BSA will be renamed the B.S.Authority

Harawira’s asset sale comments ‘insightful’ – BSA
NZ Herald 23 July 2012
A news story in which politician Hone Harawira described the Prime Minister’s comments on asset sales as “bullshit” was insightful rather than offensive, the Broadcasting Standards Authority has found. Lobby group Family First complained to the authority after the comment was aired in a 3 Newsitem at 6pm on March 6. The report on the Government’s asset sales plan included a comment from Prime Minister John Key, who said share prices from asset sales would be set a level that was “affordable for a lot of New Zealanders”. The item featured comment from opposition MPs, including Mana Party leader Hone Harawira, whose blunt response to Mr Key’s comment was: “Bullsh*t.” Family First complained that the inclusion of the comment was unnecessary and offensive. It said the comment breached the standard of good taste and decency, and the standard of children’s interests. The group argued the inclusion of the comment normalised the language and was “a particularly bad example when it’s said by a political leader”.

…Family First national director Bob McCoskrie responded that the “B.S. Authority” 🙂 finding confirmed the 8.30pm watershed for family-friendly viewing was a “crock”. “Parents are sick and tired of lunging for the remote to protect children from offensive and inappropriate content during family viewing hours – including promos for upcoming adult-rated programmes and sleazy stories on news and current event programmes. This decision continues the trend of flawed decisions.” Mr McCoskrie said the ruling removed a level of respect previously afforded to political leaders. He said schools should be wary of recommending television news to students because of “the increasing level of offensive and sexual content disguised as news”.


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  1. bob
    24 July 2012 at 8:30 am

    Actually Bob, you & Family First were wrong to make the complaint, as your own tongue in cheek comments above show (ie the references to the ‘B.S. Authority’ and a ‘crock’ – of… ). It looks like your complaint was more about Hone’s political alignment than his language.

    Hone told the truth about John Key’s asset sales claims, as has subsequently been revealed (Radio NZ says average NZ family bank account has just $1700, not enough to be safely buying into Key’s $1000 minimum share packages, eh?).

    Hone’s comment was not gratuitous swearing – it was a disgusted reaction against a politician who has been incredibly ‘economic with the truth’ on the issue of asset sales – Key’s SOE sales story and figures are literally changing every day right now.

    We need more politicians like Hone, then we might get someone telling the truth about abortion – that it IS killing a child. And Hone is opposed to gay marriage, unlike Key, who is ‘not against it’…

  2. Bob
    24 July 2012 at 11:30 am

    Let me know when Hone votes against abortion and against same-sex marriage, Bob

    No – complaint had nothing to do with WHO politician was. It’s about explicit foul language and sexual content during family viewing times – and used by a political leader.

    You seem to be excusing his poor choice of words because you don’t like a government policy. We’re able to separate the two issues

  3. bob
    24 July 2012 at 10:52 pm

    I understood Hone entered parliament after the civil union vote, and there hasn’t been an abortion vote while he has been in parliament. I stand to be corrected on that, though. He has stated his opposition to gay marriage, and is in dispute with his own Mana party activists over it. The outcome will be interesting.

    No, I totally separated my like or dislike of govt policy from Hone’s language. As I clearly said above, it was obviously an instinctive reaction of disgust at John Key’s dishonesty over asset sales. Hone has been proven correct about Key’s dishonesty, with multiple changed positions by Key since, and revelations by Radio NZ that typical Kiwi ‘mom n pop’ families don’t have the money to be investing in SOE share floats.

    We need to view language use in context – would you complain to the BSA if a rescuer in the Chch quake recovery had sworn? Or if 6pm news stories about Sophie Elliot’s murder had shown her parents swearing in their comments? But that’s different to Radio NZ failing to adequately screen out use of the F word from a Pink Floyd interview they ran recently (great interview, sloppy editing). Sometimes we need to distinguish between gratuitous use and outraged on-the-spot reactions.

    I look forward to the FF attack lines on Key’s policy of ‘encouraged’ sterilisation of beneficiaries 😉

  4. Bob
    25 July 2012 at 11:13 pm

    I see Hone is now voting for gay marriage, Bob

  5. bob
    26 July 2012 at 4:59 am

    I was just about to add my mea culpa Bob! The Herald reports him as saying:
    “Mana leader Hone Harawira this afternoon said he would support the bill through its first reading in Parliament.”

    Which is hugely disappointing, especially as Hone has not announced the process he followed to shift his position (we know he was to discuss it with Mana party activists, but what about his Te Tai Tokerau constituents?)

    I note John Key claims he votes according to his Helensville constituent’s views – did he poll them on gay marriage? Because he is voting for gay marriage on the 1st vote too!

    “Mr Key has previously said he votes on conscience issues according to the views of his Helensville constituents”

    Frankly, this is looking a slam dunk win for the gay lobby, as Labour have made it a conscience vote for their caucus (which mean almost all for it), Greens bloc vote for gay anything, Hone and Maori Party have indicated support, as has Peter Dunne (isn’t he supposed to be Catholic? wonder if his bishop has spoken to him about this? ditto Nikki Kaye of National), and Key has opened the door for liberal Nats to vote for gay marriage, at least to a 1st vote.

    In fact, only Richard Prosser of NZ First has publicly opposed gay marriage. Cudos to him!

    Perhaps highlights the need for binding CIR (referenda) to stop the tyranny of a liberal parliament…

  6. Bob
    26 July 2012 at 5:01 am

    Wait until our campaign starts. It will give some of the politicians some backbone – hopefully!

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