Over-reach results in under-delivery

Teachers are annoyed that when they notify CYF about potential abuse cases, no action is taken. I can relate to this having made a number of notifications when working as a social worker in schools.

But when the number of notifications has doubled in just the past 4 years from 62,000 to 125,000, and no corresponding significant increase in social workers, the response time was always going to worsen.

But the main contributing factor to all this is the abuse of child abuse laws – the definition of child abuse being politicised, as evidenced by the highly flawed anti-smacking law.

When a good parent who uses a smack is deemed under the law as committing a crime and worthy of CYF investigation and possibly intervention and prosecution, limited and much needed resources are diverted from actual child abuse cases – as we saw with the recent case of a nine-year-old West Auckland allegedly tortured by her parents while ;involved’ with CYF and up to 10 other statutory agencies!