Happiness is…living and eating with your parents

From the Telegraph (UK) today

Children who grow up in a traditional two-parent family and regularly eat an evening meal with their parents are more likely to be happy with their lives, according to a landmark report published today. The study, which is tracking members of 40,000 households across Britain, concludes that eating a family meal at least three times a week is key to building strong bonds between parents and their children. However, it warns that the longer a couple stays together the more dissatisfied partners are likely to become with each other. Parents of children under the age of five come under the greatest strain. The findings are among the first results to emerge from Understanding Society, a £50 million, government-funded study following the lives of 100,000 people in 40,000 households across the country.


1 comment for “Happiness is…living and eating with your parents

  1. Massoud Field
    27 April 2011 at 2:38 am

    This is a rather schizophrenic article. On one hand it claims children from a two parent family are more happy, and on the other hand claims that the child’s parents are more miserable as a result? Hmm. I am not sure if this promotes families or not. Is it advocating regular meals at the table, or irregular affairs under the table to keep partners happy?

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