When parents are told what to believe…

A disturbing case from the UK

 Christian couple facing a foster parenting ban because of their views on homosexuality were told by a court yesterday that gay rights ‘should take precedence’ over their religious beliefs. Owen and Eunice Johns heard that their values could conflict with the local authority’s duty to ‘safeguard and promote the welfare’ of those in foster care. The grandparents have already fostered 15 children and were praised by social workers as ‘kind and hospitable people’ who ‘respond sensitively’ to youngsters. Outside court, Mr and Mrs Johns, aged 65 and 62, said they were ‘extremely distressed’ and had ‘only wanted to offer a loving home to a child in need’. They believe homosexuality is ‘against God’s law and morals’ – but said they are not homophobic and would ‘accept and love’ any child. 

How long before children are removed from parents because of their views on homosexuality, other religions, global warming, smacking – oh wait, that’s already happening.


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  1. Gavriel
    7 March 2011 at 10:53 pm

    As we moved into the 21st century one could see quite clearly that the agenda of the elitists including the UN had changed from family orientated to one of non discrimination and freedom of choice. This can clearly be seen in New Zealand with recent policy changes implemented by Labor (H.C) and more recently National whom appear more than willing to butter up to the gay community to secure votes.

    It has also become apparent that western governments have taken on board the UN’s agenda. This edict to persuade all people that sexual preference is a personal choice, and should not be discriminated against especially by religious or faith based groups whom traditionally are vocal, and in some cases intolerant of relaxing laws pertaining to same s*x relationships, and with good reason.

    The blatant discrimination by the British court system that now comes under the EU law structure, sets a dangerous precedence for people world wide whom adhere to the Book of Life that was handed down to Moses on HaSinai and upheld by Yeshua (for this very reason).

    I believe as I have always done that the world governing bodies under the amalgamation of not only the EU & UN but, the soon to be one world government will pass even more laws that will see those that adhere to Scriptural based morals and ethics ostracized, and in the end persecuted. This is already happening in some parts of the world.

    If you know Scripture you may understand that Satan is running this world, and as such it is his agenda that is being implemented through tHIS system of lies and deceit. The blind and deaf people of this world will not understand these comments let alone realizing that satan’s goal is to see the demise of the family as this is a primary aspect of Gods (YHWH) plan for man that we marry and propagate the earth with those blessings called children and teach them His ways.

    The analogy for me the big bang theory. What has ever been produced from a big bang? A mess, the same thing you get from same sex relationships. We were made male and female for a reason.

    As a nation we may be able to delay the implementation of some of these laws by putting pressure on our MPs but, ultimately, I believe the powers that be will capitulate to the pressure that will come from the UN and one world government.

  2. Donna
    8 March 2011 at 12:41 pm

    This is breathtakingly ridiculous… but wait, haven’t I read about this somewhere? Something about good being called evil, and evil being called good? Now I think about it, that was in the bible!

  3. Dominic Baron
    8 March 2011 at 8:49 pm

    Why am I not surprised by this monstrosity? Because the Marxist Herbert Marcuse actively promoted “the long march through the institutions” as the means to insert corrupting élites into the political and judicial fabric of our open societies in order then to close them down.
    There is a powerful antidote: a democratic constitution that places the will of the people above any assembly and above any judiciary.
    If only we could acquire the energy of the Egyptian and Tunisian people to confront our corrupt élites!

  4. Liam Catton
    10 June 2013 at 2:17 am

    But why can’t anybody accept that some people are un-religious and you should respect their choices, just as others respect your choice to be religious. You may believe that God created this world, but that doesn’t mean you get to force all your values on to other people. That’s what half of you complain gay people are doing!

    Being gay or lesbian doesn’t intentionally defy God’s will, but it’s something that is usually with a child from before birth. It isn’t something you can choose or switch off, and it would be disgusting to expect people to hide that part of them. There are so many reasons why people can’t have children in a marriage, why does everyone have to aim at the homosexual people? What have they done, other than admit to themselves and the world something that they were scared to admit. They haven’t caused droughts or storms and they haven’t lessened the meaning of marriage.

    Bob McCoskrie even said himself that marriage is not defined by the government, so why should the government even be barring same sex marriage? Should they then let loose and let anybody marry anything?

    Marriage exists for procreation, I get it, you ‘tradiditionally valued’ people don’t have to shout any louder for people to understand what you’re saying. But more couples that can’t have children are getting married every day in New Zealand as well as in the rest of the world. What about women with an uninhabitable uterus, or men whose sperm is of a low count. Why do you have to aim for homosexual people?!

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