Let mums be mums

Most working mums feel guilty: survey
NZ Herald Apr 5, 2011 
Nearly three-quarters of working mothers suffer guilt, with many citing the stress of managing a family and a career, according to an online survey. The survey of working mothers showed 75 per cent of the 201 who took part worked for financial reasons. The online survey by Clarity Coaching showed that 71 per cent of the women experienced some level of guilt. Of those surveyed, 91 per cent cited stress from balancing a family and a career, with 20 per cent of these women citing extreme levels of stress. Clarity Coaching life coach Gabriele Wehler said that for many women, managing stress came down to time management and accepting that they could not do everything. Wehler said many women she coached felt they did half-hearted jobs at work and mothering their children.


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  1. Reid
    4 April 2011 at 10:32 pm

    no Mums CAN”T do it all…it takes a good functioning family to help juggle it all. Good communication, both husband and wife, extended family too. Live with realistic financial expectations takes pressure off too.

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