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Bob McCoskrie is the National Director of Family First NZ. He is a trained secondary teacher, has a post graduate degree in accounting, was a family community worker in South Auckland for 12 years, and has worked in the media part-time and full-time for 25 years. He is married, 3 children and a Labrador that is fitter than he is!

Conversion Therapy Ban – the Bill is “fraught with internal contradiction”

Bruce Logan expertly articulates many of the inherent problems with the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill. He says the bill “is fraught with internal contradiction. It claims to be guarding the autonomy of homosexual and transgender people, but in doing so it actually denies the autonomy of other individuals and parents. The rights and freedoms affirmed by the Bill of Rights Act are ignored… The proposed legislation is a continuing attack on the foundation of Western civilisation’s philosophy of personhood; the rebellion of a generation that denies its material and spiritual history.”


US Study – Marijuana use among college-age at highest level since 1980s

Another major report. Same conclusion. Legalisation of recreational cannabis is a disaster for public health. Not only does legalisation result in significantly increased usage (despite what pro-drug advocates said wouldn’t happen), it’s youth who take up smoking dope at a much greater rate. Knowing the increased harm of drugs to developing brains, this is the perfect storm for creating longterm problems. Let’s keep saying NO to dope.


New Colorado report shows Marijuana harms continue to mount

We said that Colorado was like the “canary in the coal mine”, with its legalisation of recreational cannabis. We’re thankful for the chance to watch their dangerous experiment before doing it in New Zealand. And the evidence continues to reveal that kiwis made a great decision last year by voting NO to dope.


Proposed bill allowing people to ‘self-identify’ their sex on birth records

Male, Female, or “any other gender”. Yet another flawed and problematic amendment is currently being rushed through parliament, this one being an amendment (SOP) to the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill which will allow people to self-identify their…


Record response – more than 100,000 submissions

It’s been a phenomenal response, thanks to you. Your voice definitely counts. Although we don’t know the exact breakdown of “for vs against” the proposed “Conversion Therapy” ban, the Government simply won’t be able to ram this controversial bill through…