Month: October 2016

Is polygamy illegal in NZ? Perhaps not..

The NZ Herald reports An Auckland man who beat his wife with a hammer because she complained they weren’t holding hands while watching a movie together was allowed to walk free from court. Judge Philippa Cunningham ruled the consequences of…


‘Hot Air’ on Child Poverty Ignores ‘Elephant in Room’

Media Release 5 October 2016  Family First says that the current ‘noise’ by politicians and the Children’s Commissioner around child poverty and ‘targets’ will simply be hot air and rhetoric doomed to failure until the ‘elephant in the room’ of…


THE CONSEQUENCES OF REMOVING ‘COMMON SENSE’: Teachers plea for help with violent students

Radio NZ 2 October 2016 Family First Comment: “What a number of educators are asking for is further protection unded the Education Act, which will actually authorise teachers to exercise restraint in those rare circumstances when they actually need to…