Month: May 2019

Cannabis can leave teenagers three years behind their classmates, study finds

Daily Mail 26 May 2019 Family First Comment: No surprises… “Results concluded from an investigation of 4,000 Canadian school children. Researchers found cannabis more toxic for youngsters’ brains than alcohol. Persistent use of the drug seriously affected basic reasoning skills.” Regularly…


Why I changed my mind on euthanasia

NewsRoom 27 May 2019 Family First Comment: “The turning point for me came about a month ago. I saw the report of a meeting hosted by disabled people’s organisation, People First (a group run by and for people with learning/intellectual disabilities)…


Clash of abortion rallies: Pro-choice protesters’ rally meets pro-life rally in Auckland’s Aotea square

NZ Herald 25 May 2019 Family First Comment: Superb work from pro-lifers…. “Catherine Gillies, from Voice for Life, stood behind the speeches with a placard picturing a woman wrapped in barbed wire. Gillies said the image represented “the mess” of a…