Month: February 2020

New Zealanders likely to vote against cannabis legalisation – 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll

TVNZ One News 14 February 2020 Family First Comment: Paula Bennett said the result showed that “people are realising that actually legalising recreational cannabis can’t be good for our mental health as a nation”. Exactly. #saynopetodope #VoteNO New Zealanders are more…


OPEN LETTER: “Dear Jacinda, when does human life begin?”

We’ve placed an Open Letter to the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern from 12 women who have had abortions in two major newspapers this weekend – the Dominion Post yesterday, and the Herald on Sunday today. We’re very grateful to the…


Jacqui’s story – “I was conceived in rape. I value life.”

Jacqui has a powerful story to tell – a story which politicians should hear BEFORE they pass a radical and extreme abortion law in New Zealand. But the politicians on the Select Committee denied her the opportunity to make an…