Month: January 2021

The end of Pornhub’s campaign of intimidation

Washington Examiner 11 January 2021 Family First Comment: “the company lied about being responsive to reports from victims about their videos. In reality, requests and comments about these filmed sexual crimes were repeatedly ignored, covered-up, and demeaned.” On Dec. 4,…


Amsterdam wants to ban tourists from its marijuana shops

Stuff 11 January 2021 Family First Comment: Oh! Not so successful then? “The plan, backed by local police and prosecutors, is aimed at tackling the flow of hard drugs and organised crime linked to the marijuana trade.” In an…


Why teaching kids self-control could leave them healthier later

NZ Herald 6 January 2021 Family First Comment: Here’s the interesting thing. A 2007 Otago University study based on the same data found that children who were smacked in a reasonable way – emphasis, ‘reasonable way’ – had similar or…