Time to make brave decisions on teen alcohol

Stuff.co.nz 20/04/2011
Teenagers urgently need to know that drinking alcohol can kill them and parents have to know what to do if their children are intoxicated, Coroner Gordon Matenga says. His passionate comments when ruling on the death of 16-year-old Auckland’s King’s College student James Charles Webster, who died on May 9 last year after sculling Jagermeister and vodka at a birthday party. His blood alcohol level was found to nearly five times that of the legal driving limit. “Teenagers should be aware that drinking 250 ml or more of spirits over a short period of time (30 to 60 minutes) will cause you to become drunk very quickly to the point of unconsciousness,” Matenga said.

But here’s the kicker statement…

…”Perhaps if it were an offence to supply liquor to a minor as opposed to purchase liquor for a minor, then that may have been sufficient to give James Barwell-Smith and the person or persons that supplied alcohol to Alex Banks and his friends, pause to consider,” Matenga said.

Why doesn’t he just take out the word ‘perhaps’??