Charity: Women, children used as sex slaves in NZ

sex trafficking ecpatStuff 27 February 2014
Women and children as young as five are probably being used as sex slaves in New Zealand, according to a charity founded by a former detective to fight human trafficking.

“We have been asked about it,” said Nvader chief executive director Daniel Walker.

In four years of undercover police work, Mr Walker rescued hundreds and helped prosecute dozens of traffickers and pimps.

“The number in New Zealand nobody really knows as it’s all anecdotal. There’s definitely offending in New Zealand that comes to light that we know of. The offenders have not been prosecuted but deported. In New Zealand we have a small number that are difficult to get to. In order to find it we have got to proactively look for it.”

Former Hamilton man Justin Boswell is helping Mr Walker lead the fight against sex trafficking but they are mostly turning their attention to South East Asia where Nvader has helped train others.

Mr Boswell, who lived in Hamilton for 20 years, joined Nvader in Christchurch last year. In 2013 Nvader rescued 40 women and children victims of sex trafficking in South-East Asia and helped prosecute 14.

“We have just partnered with Tear Fund who are helping with fundraising,” Mr Boswell, business director at Nvader, said. He studied business at Waikato University and worked in management roles at RD1 and NDA Engineering. “It’s allowing us to focus on what we do.”