Committee reaches stalemate on parental leave

parental leave 26 for babies3News 28 February 2014
A select committee report into Labour MP Sue Moroney’s paid parental leave amendment bill has been unable to reach an agreement on whether it should pass.

The Government Administration Committee reported back to day on Labour’s social development spokeswoman’s bill which would extend paid parental leave from 14 weeks to 26.

The report says the committee was conflicted over the benefits versus the financial implications of the bill.

There were 9809 submissions on extending paid parental leave and 99.6 percent were in favour.

Late last year, the reporting date was pushed back to today because the Government said it would reconsider its position on the bill after previously saying its estimated $150 million annual cost was too expensive.

However, last month Prime Minister John Key said National was working on its own policy. Any bill it comes up with would be less than 26 weeks because six months of paid parental leave was currently unaffordable, he says.