“Badlands” – A must-read book on NZ’s crime problem


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The explosive new book to be released tomorrow on New Zealand’s crime problem has been written by David Fraser, a man with decades of experience in the Probation Service and as a criminal intelligence analyst with the National Crime Intelligence Service.

Family First NZ helped bring David Fraser to NZ in 2008 (see below). Since then he has spent three years researching how New Zealand’s law and order problem got so bad, and the findings are highly controversial. Have politicians and government funded departments and groups deliberately gone soft on crime?

The book reveals how much the public has been misled about the crime rate, its real costs and its causes. It also exposes a number of CRIME MYTHS, including
* the murder rate is falling
* minor offenders should not be jailed
* home detention is only for non-violent offenders
* offenders on bail pose little risk to families
* NZ’s imprisonment rate is one of the highest in the world
(yes – it’s a myth!)

The Times of London has praised David Fraser’s previous work, citing “impeccable research” and labelling its conclusions “damning”.

Read Badlands and judge for yourself.

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We do not need psychologists to tell us the simple truth that if you reward bad behaviour you will get more of it. We should not be surprised that we are now engulfed in crime.
British crime expert and author, David Fraser

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