One child in four in single-parent home

Reported in the Dominion Post on Saturday 30 April

New Zealand has the third-highest rate of children living in single-parent homes, an OECD study says. This means nearly one in four Kiwi children are growing up in single-parent homes as more marriages break up and single women choose to enter motherhood on their own. Of 27 industrialised countries, New Zealand ranked third in the Doing Better for Families study, with 23.7 per cent of children living in a one-parent household, compared with the 14.9 per cent average across all countries. The United States ranked first with 25.9 per cent and Ireland was second with 24.3 per cent. Children’s Commissioner John Angus said Kiwi children were four times more likely to be living under the poverty line if they were being raised by a single parent.

….Family First national director Bob McCoskrie said children raised by married parents were able to provide the best opportunities for children. “We’ve tried to delude ourselves that family structure doesn’t make a difference, but it does.”


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