Deregistration of Porn Teacher Appropriate

Media Release 3 May 2011
Family First NZ is welcoming a decision by the New Zealand Teacher’s Council to deregister a porn magazine model. 

“Teachers have a special status as leaders and should be respected – especially by our children,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “Modeling and selling naked photos to a pornographic magazine doesn’t meet that standard. Associating the photos with her profession of teaching children is also unacceptable.” 

“These sexually explicit photos of the teacher have been published and are now in the public domain. The combined role of porn star and primary school teacher simply doesn’t fit for many families. Parents would be just as concerned if a teacher was coming to school topless or teaching that pornographic magazines are harmless. There is a strong social stigma against pornography, and pornographic magazines such as Penthouse – for good reason. The welfare, protection and moral innocence of our children must come first.” 

“The issue is not whether it’s legal or not. As part of earning the respect that they deserve, they need to be aware that their personal principles and profession can not necessarily be separated,” says Mr McCoskrie. “To pose for a porn magazine simply lets the side down.”