Parents bring in lawyers for school stoushes

court judgementNZ Herald 29 June 2014
A leading psychologist says parents are increasingly bringing lawyers in to work out issues at schools.

Nigel Latta, a clinical psychologist and parenting expert, told TVNZ’s Q and A that parents are bringing lawyers in to deal with problems at their child’s school, and it’s wrong.

Sixteen-year-old Lucan Battison successfully challenged a suspension from Hastings’ St John’s College after refusing to cut his “naturally curly hair”.

The school’s rules set out are that students must have “hair that is short, tidy and of natural colour. Hair must be off the collar and out of the eyes”.

Justice David Collins said on Friday that the rule was capable of being interpreted differently by students, parents, teachers, the principal and the school’s board and was not legally enforceable.

Student shown the door for ‘offensive’ hair style
3 News 2 July 2014
Demetric Blank is a student from Tararua College, in Pahiatua, and has never been suspended or expelled for bad behaviour.

But he isn’t allowed to be at school at the moment – why?

His new hair style has offended teaching staff and he has been told to grow it out before returning.

They also wouldn’t give him the option to shave it all off, because it would be too short for their school policy.

So is that fair? His hair style would be seen on most rugby fields and isn’t exactly wild.