NZ Herald catches up with Family First on tv standards

The NZ Herald has finally woken up to the fact that our free-to-air channels are becoming more and more sleasy and offensive during family viewing times.

The problem is that we’ve been saying it for years.

In December 2008, a Family First investigation of 15 programmes on four free-to-air channels between 6pm and 8.30pm over a period covering November 4 – 13 found a saturation of foul language, sexual innuendo, and promotion of Adult Only programmes.

And last year, an independent poll of 1,000 people commissioned by Family First found that 2 out of 3 NZ’ers are concerned about the level of foul language, violence and sexual content during family viewing times.

Welcome to the real world, NZ Herald. Perhaps now you could join our call for a clean-up of the broadcasting standards, better community and family representation on the BSA, and a pre-vetting system.