Call for Minister of Children Well-Intentioned but Flawed

Media Release 21 May 2011
Family First NZ is rejecting Labour’s call for a Minister for Children saying that the concept is well-intended but flawed because it fails to recognize the essential and fundamental role of parents. Family First is calling for a Minister for Families to replace the Families and Children’s Commissions. 

“Governments have tinkered with Families Commissions and a Children’s Commissioner, both which have been unable to, or have failed to, fully represent the concerns and needs of families,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. 

“Labour’s call fails to acknowledge that families and children are not mutually exclusive. The best way to support children is to make sure that the families raising them are strong, stable, and supported.” 

“Children’s interests are best served in the context of their own family. Government support for children must be through their families, not apart from families. Any office or structure which even appears to separate children from their parents and families will be counter-productive in the long run – that’s why the office of the Children’s Commissioner has never gained the traction or respect it has wanted.” 

“Labour seems to be confused by only wanting to scrap the Families Commission yet is willing to double up on a Minister for Children and a Children’s Commissioner.” 

“We do agree with Labour that we currently have Cabinet Ministers for disabled, senior citizens, youth, Maori, veterans, women’s affairs – even the rugby world cup. It’s time we stopped paying lip service to our most important asset – strong families raising great kids,” says Mr McCoskrie. 

“It’s time the government put families at the head table. Children will simply be the natural benefactors.”


4 comments for “Call for Minister of Children Well-Intentioned but Flawed

  1. steve
    24 May 2011 at 1:36 am

    Who is going to be Labour’s minister for children?

    Darren Hughes–Currently under Police investigation for an alleged sexual assault against an 18year old boy.

    Annette King– The women who baby sat Darren Hughes

    Phil Goff ———The man who wanted to lower the age of consent to 14

    Charles shovel–The man who dug a hole for himself while complaining of child noise on his Tax-payer funded flight

    Helen Clark—-Who once said ”I don’t have children……Thank God…..”(thank God for her or the children)

    Damion Oconnor could no doubt suggest a whole gaggle of Gays and self-serving Unionists to do the job

    Now if it was finding people to behave like children Labour wouldn’t have a problem!!!!!!!!

  2. Dave Boyd
    25 May 2011 at 1:15 am

    What about these grandparents who are taking over care of there childrens ,children and they dont get help from the government depts.And I know a family who have taken a child in to care and the government dept that she went to for help she got turn down.So as a early childhood centre we have got help for them by getting food and feeding the child its lunchs.I have seen the government step and leave it up to other people to deal with.

  3. L Holloway
    14 September 2011 at 3:51 pm

    I remember years back Phil Goff was wanting to bring the age of consent down to 14. Can you tell me whether this was fact or did i imagine it. This seems to have been conveniently forgotten about. Was just listening to 1ZB re educating 12 years in school re having orgasims and anual sex between gay couples. What is happening in our schools. Those teachers should be ousted from the school.

  4. Bob
    14 September 2011 at 6:16 pm

    It was 12 actually – although in his defence, he was arguing that 2 kids ‘messing up’ shouldn’t be dealt with in the same way as an adult pedophile.

    But the message being sent by the proposal was all wrong – and he backed down (thank goodness!)

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