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From the Ashburton Guardian today

Ashburton’s brothel now on the backburner

The licensee of a Christchurch escort agency is shelving plans to establish a brothel in Ashburton. Plans for the brothel were opposed by ministers of the town and Family First, but that had nothing to do with the licensee’s decision, she said yesterday.

Yeah right!

The woman said she had put the Ashburton brothel plan “on the backburner” due to “family matters”. She took a swipe at conservative Ashburton. “That would just make me more determined. Ashburton has got to change with the times, we are now 2011.”

Change with the times? Prostitution is one of the world’s oldest professions, we keep getting told. Perhaps the ‘changing with the times’ is families finally speaking up for themselves and the protection of their kids!

Ministers in the town have been opposed to the brothel, and last week met specifically on the issue. Yesterday New Life pastor Rob Davison had no comment but said the group was to meet again today and was planning to put out a press release on Thursday.

National director of Family First, Bob McCoskrie, said it was “good news” the brothel was being shelved. He doubted the licensee’s claim that opposition had not swayed her decision, as community backlash in other areas of the country had prevented brothels opening in residential areas. The organisation would monitor when the Ashburton District Council’s next by-law and district plan review was, and support families, community and church groups in making submissions. The Prostitution Reform Act legalised prostitution, “but it’s not a free for all” and council had to consider the welfare and protection of families. “We would like it (council rules) toughened up so families don’t freak out,” Mr McCoskrie said. The issue attracted correspondence to the Guardian, and one writer said yesterday it was “great news” to hear about plans being shelved.


2 comments for “Good News Story of the Day! People Power

  1. James
    24 May 2011 at 2:28 am

    Booooooooo! another soc-con blow against peoples freedom….shame McCroskrie.

  2. bob
    24 May 2011 at 10:28 pm

    Well done Bob!

    @ James – perhaps you should re-read the post above. The proposed brothel owner was planning on forcing her brothel on the people of Ashburton, because she was ‘determined’ that “Ashburton has got to change with the times”. That is, she was going to force an unwanted brothel on the community out of spite at anyone opposing her business plans.

    Sounds like the brothel owner is the one trying to crush people’s freedom, hmmm?

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