Stack em and pack em

Critics hit out at ‘child farms’ 
Herald on Sunday Jun 26, 2011
Childcare centre operators are rushing to open so-called “megacentres” containing up to 150 children. A regulation coming into force this week allows childcare centres to triple in size. Even before the July 1 change, three companies have signalled to the Education Ministry they’re keen to boost their centre sizes three-fold. But critics are dubbing the big centres “child farms”, as a survey finds 9 out of 10 parents and teachers oppose them. The Education Ministry will allow centres to increase their rolls from 50 to 150, including 75 children aged under 2 years.

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Family First NZ says that the just released government policy on Early Childhood Education centre sizes is flawed, harmful to children, babies and parents, and will end up treating children with less dignity than animals.


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