Families deserve the truth – don’t depend on the media

The media are avoiding the issue
The politicians don’t want to know about it
But families deserve the truth!

The media have, apart from some print media, largely ignored the documentary “My Mummy’s A Criminal” questioning a government report and the effect of the anti-smacking law. The smacking issue is the new ‘abortion’ issue. Nobody likes it, but the media and politicians want to avoid it.

Previously the media would hold the politicians to account when evidence like this was provided – no longer. Previously an Opposition party would love to know that a government report was faulty – no longer. The media and politicians are ‘missing in action’. One reporter from a major TV current events programme admitted to Family First that they are paranoid around CYF cases because they know that CYF will ‘come at them’!


We’ve been inundated with requests for copies of the DVD “My Mummy’s A Criminal”. And we’ve had lots of requests on how can you help

Here’s some suggestions for action:
* order a copy (or 2) of the free DVD and pass it on – perhaps show it to friends or small group or church group. Email [email protected] with your address and phone details
* make an appointment with your local MP (or email them [email protected]  asking whether they have viewed the documentary (we have sent a copy to every MP) and what their response is
* if you’re on Facebook, encourage people to view the video at www.protectgoodparents.org.nz or simply post the Youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BQn4lWNMUlI
* If you’re on Twitter, link to the website
* Simply send an email to your Contacts list telling them that you’ve watched an amazing documentary and that you’d encourage them to watch it at www.protectgoodparents.org.nz
* Donate to Family First so that we can spread the website and DVD far and wide

DON’T DELAY – Watch it now!

Judge for yourself how important this documentary is

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Help us to protect good families and demand that the real causes of child abuse are targeted.

Bob McCoskrie
National Director