Why the Green Paper will fail

The Green Paper on child abuse will fail for the following reasons:

* the response of Labour and Greens to the Green Paper on abuse released by the government today proves that politicians must be removed from the process. The petty party politics is destroying any progress in solving the cancer of child abuse that is destroying our country. Politicians are not part of the solution with all their green and white papers, reports, and conferences

* They have also shown that they are out of touch with mainstream NZ’ers on this issue with their criminalizing of good parents with the flawed and clumsy anti-smacking law, and laws which give the right to silence and privacy concerns paramountcy over the rights of children to be protected

* the Green Paper has ignored an  ‘elephant in the room’ – FAMILY STRUCTURE. Marriage is one of the greatest weapons against child abuse. Yet no where in the Green Paper is the concept of family structure or the dreaded ‘M’ word mentioned. But here’s the evidence that the safest place for a child to be is living with their married biological parents.

* We have had Commission of Inquiries this year into the Pike river tragedy, the collapse of buildings and consequent loss of life in the Christchurch earthquake, and previous inquiries into police conduct (2004), genetic modification (2000–2001), and Auckland governance (2007-2009) – yet no inquiry into one of the greatest social problems facing the country. The issue of child abuse deserves a high priority total focus which a non-political Commission would give

See www.stoptheabuse.org.nz (since 2006) for real solutions!



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