Wellington Council Must Remove Offensive Brothel Sign

Warning – contains offensive material
Media Release 1 Sep 2011
Family First NZ says that the Wellington City Council has both a moral and legal obligation to demand that a brothel owner remove an offensive brothel sign which is offending local families. 

“The sign ‘Cum & get yours’ is offensive to most people and under the Wellington City Council bylaws, they should respond to the concerns of local businesses and families and have it removed,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. 

“The Council’s bylaws for advertising for commercial sex premises clearly state that they must take in to account offensive signs which imply sexual activity and consider the extent to which they are offensive.”

“The response of Council has been that they are only responsible for the size and location of the sign. They are wrong, and they should act on the complaints about this particular sign.” 

“Families should not be confronted by offensive public signage, and the Wellington City Council should front up and act in the best interests of families, rather than hide behind an incorrect interpretation of their own bylaws,” says Mr McCoskrie. 

Family First is calling for G-rated billboards and public advertising nationwide to protect children and families from adult-rated and potentially offensive messages.


2 comments for “Wellington Council Must Remove Offensive Brothel Sign

  1. Massoud
    2 September 2011 at 4:01 pm

    How do you know this sign is offensive to most people? It may be. It may not. One man’s wine is another man’s poison. It may simply be a case of poor spelling.

    You claim the council has a “moral” obligation to act. Define morals. And since when has a Council been recognised as a moral authority?

    If we legislated nationwide against billboards and public advertising on the grounds of potentially “offensive” messages then there would scarcely be an advertisement remaining standing.

    Examples: Religious billboards to Atheists. Pork specials to Jews. Women’s knee-length skirts to Muslims. Butcher shops to vegans. Branded junk to anti-sweatshop activists. Sweets to Dentists.

    A better “moral” than censure is tolerance.

  2. David J Krippner
    7 September 2011 at 5:18 am

    I was one who wrote and complained at the “hell cross bun” billboard add in Hamilton.
    The response from Advertising standards authority was, Complaint “not upheld” because:
    1/ Only 179 complaints were received, Not a significant outcry.
    2/ Many who objected found it hard to give reasons why they objected. so those became opinions not objections.
    3/ The board considered that controversial provocative advertisements were normal for this business. Thus creating a norm president. If you offend enough you can create a society norm.
    4/ Because of one response by ONE liberal (Christian)church leader,which was seized on by the advertisers lawyers. Declared all the other Christian objections (which were across the Christian spectrum),to be against the common held beliefs/ standards of the whole Christian church.
    5/ The board did acknowledge offence to some in the Christian Church, But not significant numbers to cross the threshold of the guideline definition.

    If we do nothing, then the enemy can reign how and when he wants

    Put pen to paper, we are the the ones who are upholding what is left of the standards..

    Go Family First for leading the charge.

    Joshua asked “are you for us or for our enemy?”

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