Parties united on nudity

From the NZ Herald, coverage of our Value Your Vote

Pornographer Steve Crow has achieved the rare political feat of uniting parties of the far left and far right against his “Boobs on Bikes” parades. A pre-election survey by the Family First lobby group has found Mana Party leader Hone Harawira joining hands with Winston Peters of NZ First and Colin Craig of the new Conservative Party to support amending the Crimes Act’s definition of “indecent acts” to prevent “offensive public nudity eg, ‘Boobs on Bikes’.”

But such unanimity was rare. The survey found Mr Craig supported Family First’s position on 90 per cent, and Mr Peters on 80 per cent, of 30 questions on “family issues”. Mr Harawira scored just 30 per cent, less than everyone except Green co-leader Metiria Turei on 23 per cent. Don Brash, whose Act shows up as more of a “liberal” than a conservative party, scored 43 per cent, and Peter Dunne of United Future 37 per cent. The survey did not score the leaders of National, Labour or the Maori Party who all failed to return the questionnaire, but it records their positions on issues where they have voted or spoken publicly in the past.