More evidence of a flawed prostitution law

From the NZ Herald

A couple expecting their first baby say they’ve had it with the disgusting behaviour of prostitutes working the streets in their neighbourhood because their usual beats are inside the Christchurch red zone. The closure of the central city area after the February earthquake has pushed prostitutes to work residential streets, they say. The family, who live north of Bealey Ave on the fringe of the inner city area, say they have to live in the back half of their house because they are too scared and disturbed by the business on the street. Husband Jonathan, who did not want to give his surname, said he had to listen to street noise and has heard men discussing “who gets to go first”.

…Family First NZ director Bob McCoskrie said it was unacceptable for families to have to deal with this type of “trauma” and called for a ban on residential brothels and street prostitution.

How much evidence do politicians need before they admit they got it wrong??