Sure to be happening here as well…

Legal brothels’ sex slavery links
The Age (Australia 9 Oct 2011)
LEGAL brothels in Victoria and New South Wales are operating unchecked despite police investigations implicating them in human trafficking, sex slavery and organised crime. Two Australian Federal Police investigations – Operations Elixation and Raspberry – have identified at least three Melbourne brothels and two in Sydney linked to an international sex slavery ring. The syndicate allegedly convinces Asian women to fly to Australia for study, and then forces them to work as sex slaves in Sydney and Melbourne. A syndicate member, De Jun Zheng, was also involved in the 2009 killing of Melbourne man Abraham Papo, 27, outside a brothel linked to sex trafficking. Evidence suggests that Mr Papo was killed after he tried to help a Korean prostitute he thought was being harmed or held against her will by the syndicate in Sydney. Mr Papo’s parents, Deanna and Marco, have called on state and federal authorities to do more to crack down on brothels linked to sex trafficking.


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